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The 4 crucial areas of your business needed to win new customers

Franklin Wall helps clients open doors and convert opportunity to sales

The vast majority of our clients had a problem when we first met them.

They often have great businesses, loyal customers and deliver excellent products/services.

'So why is it so damned hard to grow a sales pipeline and win regular new business'?!? .....almost all of them will ask at some point.

The answer almost always lies in one or more of the

following FOUR areas of their business:

Sales Process An effective sales pipeline requires consistency. Following up the right people at the right time but are you even targeting the right people correctly in the first place? Once you've identified or been shown the optimum sales behaviours that increase your chance of landing a new customer, it's crucial to apply these EVERY time. Sales/Marketing Collateral What does your prospect need to see from you? You'd assume they'll hit your website but have you got a 'one-size-fits-all' lump of information on there or could you help increase your chances of engaging your visitors by segmenting who they are likely to be and providing personalised content accordingly? If you go into meetings with potential customers, do you have strong, well branded marketing collateral to support your pitch? Prospects expect consistency and clarity....poor materials/content are the quickest way of burning opportunity. Your People I'll tread carefully here because I might be addressing your sales team! Anybody customer facing needs to be able to deliver a clear, concise outline of what you do, personalise a pitch to the prospect as to 'why you' compared to the competition, objection handle and close. If some or maybe all of these pose problems, you need sales training help. Opportunities are incredibly time-consuming to unearth and can be incredibly quick to lose out on, to a competitor. You need to maximise each and every one.

Time Many years of experience tells me that sales ability is not just confined to those who sell 'Sales support' or 'direct marketing' for a living. There are many, many excellent business development people across many businesses, across the UK. However, particularly for SMEs and growing businesses, juggling the time needed to service customers, with trying to find new ones is a sporadic operation at best. Which is why you may be missing lots of opportunity. If this is the case, you need outside sales support.

Franklin Wall Solutions is designed to help businesses experiencing issues with one or more of these areas above.

Our highly cost effective solutions will super-charge your new sales wins.

If you'd like to bounce some ideas around on email to see how we would recommend helping you, click HERE or if you'd prefer a quick chat we'd love to hear from you: 0161 670 4352.

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