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Leading marketing and sales solutions for SME companies

Small to medium businesses

An SME case study


idRisk Limited 

Working with a highly skilled independent risk and insurance broker management team, who are set up to support FTSE 500 organisations select the best insurance broker for their requirements


Franklin Wall immediately spotted a one-size-fits-all sales message throughout all of the firm's media. Segmentation of the target audience was applied, reflecting their different requirements and a communications library built up with the messages segmented by buyer type, before the lead generation could then begin.


''Franklin Wall transformed our communications strategy and increased our prospect engagement massively, resulting in the generation of numerous large new business opportunities, very quickly ''

Tom Hayes,


idRisk Limited

Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 20 years experience and success delivering sales and/or marketing solutions.


Equally, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class delivery. 


SME company marketing solutions
SME marketing case study
SME marketing testimonial

We specialise in building brands and supporting existing marketing and sales infrastructures by enhancing your company's exposure through additional routes to market

Given the term 'SME' applies to over 99% of businesses within the UK and the EU, one could be forgiven for classing this part of our business as a 'catch all'! In reality the typical SME client that works with Franklin Wall are established, growing businesses, which have started to stall with the way they have been marketing themselves and generating new business.


Doing the same things week in, week out are starting to reap fewer rewards and partnering with us, is seen as a chance to re-energise and kick-start new business activity. An example of a swift, positive change we often establish with such clients, is segmenting their customer types, as each will have different requirements and need different approaches. Then we build the right messages, into the right media and make sure they are sent at the right time, so that our client is communicating their services or products in a much more professional and personalised manner....the results speak for themselves.

Very often our SME clients have sales teams and sales support staff too. We offer award-winning Sales training, both for the direct sales team themselves to increase conversion to sale and the sales support team, to increase their volume of sales leads and/or appointments generated.

We can partner with you as little or as much as you need us to, in order to get your sales engine back on track again and a communication strategy designed specifically for the potential buyer and no longer a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

Typically for SME businesses, we are able to offer extremely cost effective solutions such as;

Updated brand guidelines, updated website, a new company blog, social media content library split by customer segment, key sales message content, email communications to prospects, landing pages, upgraded sales support materials and templates, prospect data, lead generation, sales training, SEO, etc

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