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Leading marketing and sales solutions for large corporate companies


We specialise in supporting and complimenting established sales and marketing teams.

Many of the Corporate businesses we work with have sophisticated sales and marketing engines already in place and we are yet to partner with one that needs our support from the ground up. Where we fit in, is complimenting and augmenting the skilled resource they already have.

There are however, two rather distinct and relatively new business approaches, that many corporates are starting to benefit from focussing on; personalisation and data intelligence.


Franklin Wall have been heavily involved with developing these strategies with a number of corporates recently:

Data intelligence or 'Big Data' as it's often described, is now big business and has many large businesses across most sectors starting to build data capture information from both prospects and customers, to then analyse it for patterns in behaviour.


From that better decisions can be made that secure the best results, for example; targeted discounting, optimising media channels across which communications are sent, the timing of any interaction with the prospect/customer, the tone and language that secures the best response etc.

Additionally, strong data intelligence and insight are allowing organisations to drive a much more tailored and personalised approach, which in turn gains a higher degree of empathy from the customer.

Franklin Wall are set up precisely to help solve these issues. We can partner with you as little or as much as you need us to, in order to compliment existing strategies and build additional revenue streams. We can help you to augment customer intelligence and additional, sustainable sales opportunities.

Typically for large corporate businesses, we are able to offer extremely cost effective solutions for;

Prospect data, lead generation, outsource management, content/communications library, online and offline competitor analysis, etc

A corporate case study

Large corporate marketing case study



Working with the UK marketing team of this £ billion turnover home building and regeneration organisation, to segment and personalise the communication strategy into the different buyer profiles and develop more tailored content.


We undertook detailed online and offline market research feedback into buyer profiles, communication requirements and media channels for delivery, in order to optimise engagement.


An extensive online and offline analysis of competitors and buyer behaviour was undertaken by Franklin Wall.


This allowed the insight to be gained that provided the framework for the entire required re-branding and segmented communications approach and thus, a much more personalised sales approach


''Franklin Wall built an analysis framework, that allowed for huge and complex sets of data (both from our own prospects /customers, as well as insights from our competitors) to be better understood. We now able to boast a personalised marketing approach to each of our potential customer segments, that is improving our conversion to sale''

Katie Franklin

Group Head of Marketing and Communications 


Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 20 years experience and success delivering sales and/or marketing solutions.


Equally, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class delivery. 


Large corporate marketing testimonial
Large corporate marketing case study

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