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Do you find trying to win new customers stressful?

OK....the image is a bit dramatic!!

We liked it though so we used it!

So things hopefully haven't got that bad for you, but at the same time, there isn't a company on the planet that hasn't gone through stressful times when trying to find and close new business.

It's easy to get wrong...but it's also easy to get just need to find the right marketing and sales mix. And then be consistent.

There is in fact a huge behavioural shift happening with the buyer right now - their access to information . And many businesses and sales teams, are struggling to understand how to optimise their approach around this point.

Let's take a step back....just, say, 10 years. Back then putting a phone call in or even sending an email to the correct decision maker would often deliver the desired effect of generating a meeting....and so the sales process had started.

Nowadays however, with the internet at everyone's fingertips, buyers are WAY more discerning than ever before...much more in control. The reason is that with the touch of a button the buyer can pull up reviews, testimonials, 'Top 10 supplier' lists, your website, your competitors websites etc. They don't NEED to meet you anymore from cold, their perception is (and that's assuming they are interested in the first place) is that for now they can get all they need from the internet.

Despite this behavioural shift however, approaches to buyers through cold calls and cold emails have never been statistically higher. Indeed with the advent of marketing automation software, much of that rise has been attributed to mass delivered communications - or mud-slinging in old money.

So let's take stock. The buyer is much more discerning about which suppliers they meet and when nowadays, they have a huge wealth of information available online AND traditional prospecting methods of telephone calls and email have never been higher. Is it any wonder it's all so stressful for those trying to grow their business!

So what's the solution?

There are a number of tactics to employ in order to combat these issues, however, two of the most important are:

- Personalising the approach - this will involve segmenting your target audience and driving content/services to their specific needs....a one size fits all approach no longer works!

- Putting the measures in place to make sure YOU/YOUR BUSINESS gets found when the buyer is searching online for possible suppliers

Naturally, both of these strategies do take time and effort.

But it's worth it because they work.

Franklin Wall Solutions help with these and numerous other sales and marketing challenges you may be facing. Click HERE for more ideas and solutions to boost your sales.

If you get chance, send us an email with your questions as to how we would support you or call us anytime on 0161 670 4352 and we'd be delighted to talk through how we help countless business get heard and stand out from the crowd.

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