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Leading marketing and sales solutions for start up companies

Start up 


We can create your brand, build the entire marketing and sales infrastructure and help drive sales opportunities into your business. 

Starting a successful business from scratch is one of the toughest challenges imaginable. The analogy of plate-spinning was almost certainly born one Monday morning within a stressed entrepreneur's office as the phone was ringing, the mail just arrived and the electricity just suddenly went off!

It's for this reason, together with perhaps a lack of the right experience, that few new businesses launch with their marketing, both online and offline, set up correctly so that potential customers can find them. Additionally, it is rare too where a new business has the resource and time to concentrate on the single most important part of its survival - generating sufficient new business to sustain growth.

Franklin Wall are set up precisely to help solve these issues. We can partner with you as little or as much as you need us to, in order to get your sales engine purring along and a sustainable new business flow coming your way.

Typically for new start up businesses, we are able to offer cost effective support solutions such as:

  • Positioning your brand in the market

  • The company logo

  • Brand guidelines

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Social media profiles

  • Digital content

  • Email communications to prospects

  • Landing pages

  • Sales support materials and templates

  • Prospect data

  • Lead generation

Click here to find out more about how our services can help you​:

A start up case study

Start up company sales case study



Working with a highly experienced group of lean management experts who had come together to launch a new performance management business.

Start-up client marketing results


Franklin Wall set up the entire marketing and sales framework inside 4 weeks, including website, blog, content, communications strategy, social media management, prospect database, SEO, sales email delivery, sales support materials and a lead generation process

Start-up company marketing Testimonial


''Franklin Wall have done an excellent job in building our brand as well as our entire marketing framework. The real power for us has then come in the sales leads they help drive into us.''

Lorne Walters,

Managing Director

Value Stream Experts

Experience you can always rely on

Every member of our senior client-facing team has over 20 years experience and success delivering sales and/or marketing solutions.


Equally, each member of the team shares tangible people skills - the core component of world class delivery. 


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