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Monthly Packages

Naturally our Solutions provide the highest level of effectiveness, when they are designed and personalised entirely around the areas of your business that need to improve. That's why we provide a highly experienced Account Director for your account to make sure that's exactly what we deliver for you.
For some clients, the precise Solution they require from us, however, is wrapped up in a simple, neat, monthly package. It's still personalised of course but each result-focused package can be simply bolted on to their current marketing and sales activity, at a low monthly fee.


Monthly content management packages from £200 per month


Monthly Social Media Management packages from £250 per month


Monthly Lead Generation packages from £450 per month


Monthly Sales

Consulting packages from £750 per month

Content Management

Content Management Anchor

Content management is certainly time consuming, given the importance of businesses updating their target audiences regularly and relevantly to build trust, empathy and knowledge.

Effective Content Management is all about maintaining a consistent, regular and relevant link with your future customers through well planned, well curated, well-timed and quality information. A consistent flow of leads should be driven into the business, if the Content Strategy is executed correctly.

And that's where we come in. Our content management packages gain input from both a sales and marketing specialist, meaning the quality and effectiveness of the content we deliver for our clients is directly linked to the high volume of leads we deliver from it for them.

Our fully curated (basically we create the articles/posts/white papers and you sign them off when you're happy with them) and managed monthly (we provide you with a schedule of when each communication is to be available to send and we stick to it - we'll also send it across all your chosen media too).


Content Management packages start from £200.00 + VAT per month with a Basic Package on a rolling (no fixed contract) basis.

This complete Basic Package covers one curated communication piece per week by Franklin Wall for each operational month, sent to you for sign off and sent across all media (website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc) as requested.

Additional content and posted communication requested per week, will represent more time and a higher fee per monthly package. A Content Management package requiring daily communications costs £1000.00 + VAT per month for example.

Social Media Management

Social Media Anchor

Social Media management is also time consuming, as it covers making sure your business is updating its target audiences at the right time, with the right messages and thus engaging them in interaction (otherwise what's the point?!). It is also unpredictable, as interaction means replying when the prospect or customer gets in touch or reacts to a post you have sent.

Powerful social media management is all about listening to the what the market is interested in regarding your industry, products, services at that moment, and both reacting to and planning communications, to guide the pattern and flow of interaction towards a specific and pre-defined positive goal. 

And that's where we can help. Our social media management packages are run by social media specialists. They will be clearly briefed as to what profile, actions and goals you want to achieve through your social media audience and will execute them precisely. 

Our fully-managed monthly Social Media Management packages start from £250.00 + VAT per month for a Basic Package on a rolling (no fixed contract) basis.

This complete Basic Package covers five working days management of all of your Social Media channels by Franklin Wall for each operational month (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc) as requested.

Additional management days requested per month, will represent more time and a higher fee per monthly package. A higher number of management days for your social media will naturally deliver more comprehensive and immediate engagement with those prospects/customers that reply to and interact with your social media communications.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation ANchor

Lead Generation for many is the holy grail and the complete focus for winning new business. Whilst a pivotal part of any business development strategy, today's modern buyer whether in business or as a consumer, has the World at their finger tips and they are not afraid to use it! We're talking about the internet.

They are going to check you out, read up on you, look at customer feedback etc. You must get your online house in order before embarking on an expensive Lead Generation campaign (internal or outsourced) because the prospect cannot be simply bull-dozed anymore, those days are well gone.

A highly effective lead generation strategy nowadays will be supported with strong, relevant online content (through the company website, Blog, social media channels etc) and require a clear idea of the target prospect, together with a clear understanding of the solutions you can provide, for the problems you have previously identified.

And this is our expertise. Our Lead Generation packages always start by Franklin Wall clearly identifying the strongest prospect data, the key messages based upon matching solutions to issues and then combining the strongest media (email, telemarketing being the most prevalent) to convert interest into a lead (a lead could be a scheduled call, qualified appointment or sometimes a request to buy).

Our Lead Generation packages start from £450.00 + VAT per month for a Basic Package on a rolling (no fixed contract) basis.

This complete Basic Package covers a minimum, pre-agreed volume of leads to be generated for your sales team. The precise number of leads per month this fee covers is determined through an initial discussion, which outlines 'what a qualified lead is'.....i.e. to some clients it would be that a target business wishes to meet them....another client may want a £50m turnover business at Financial Director level who has £35K to spend on product 'X' this year....clearly very different amount of time and effort would be required to deliver each extreme scenario above.

Additional leads requested per month, will represent more time and a higher fee per monthly package. 

Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting Anchor

Most of our Sales Consulting packages are operated by clients requiring a wide range of sales support to drive their business development wins.

By selecting 'X' amount of sales consulting days per month from Franklin Wall, they are able to utilise our highly experienced and proven resource to significantly accelerate their sales machine, at a fraction of the cost of employing the equivalent level of expertise.

Franklin Wall will apply the agreed Sales Consulting days each month, into the areas the client wishes to focus. Typically these areas would include:

  • sales team training and development

  • developing a more focussed and targeted sales strategy

  • undertaking competitor analysis together with strategic recommendations to gain competitive advantage

  • providing support within key external business development meetings

  • undertaking or supporting key proposal/bid writing

Our monthly Sales Consulting packages start from £750.00 + VAT per month on a rolling (no fixed contract) basis. Which covers a day and a half of your dedicated Account Director's time to support your business. Everything we do, is geared around delivering the result...more sales into your business.

Naturally more Sales Consulting days requested per month, will represent more time and a higher fee per monthly package. 

Get in touch and find out more about how we can help your business grow.

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