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The growth of any business of course comes from a healthy sales pipeline and it is a consistent flow of leads that is required to fuel that

Franklin Wall provides three types of lead generation service:



  • Inbound lead generation (we deliver targeted marketing across mainly online channels that generate incoming leads for your sales team)

Outsource lead generation

With over 20 years experience in delivering high quality lead and appointment generation services for clients, our Managing Director, Jonathan Wall has brought together and developed a small but highly effective team within Franklin Wall, to provide B2B lead and appointment generation services. Our clients range from operating within sectors such as; Professional Services, Insurance, Business Services and Financial Services. 

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In-house lead generation set up

Having set up many successful internal teams over the years, Franklin Wall brings a host of experience to those businesses wanting support with getting up and running with a highly effective internal lead generation team. The service we provide can include some or all of; the prospecting data, scripting, CRM/dialling equipment, team recruitment and effective telemarketing training. This service suits those businesses already with an internal resource or the desire to build one and operate their own direct marketing, within their own business.

Inbound lead generation

As fully accredited Inbound Marketing experts, Franklin Wall provide highly responsive and engaging communication strategies on behalf of numerous clients, which help drive sustainable incoming leads into their businesses. The media to deliver these targeted communications are usually through; the website, Blog, social media, forums, SEO and email. Unless the client possesses the resource capability and volume to deliver this strategy, we highly recommend them to utilise our services to do so.


In the world we live in today with everything online, NOT operating this strategy delivers competitive advantage to those competitors that do.

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As with all of our Services, we personalise to deliver around your needs. It will NEVER be you/your team, needing to bend around how we operate.

To get a quote from us click the button below. We don't bite...we're actually very nice!

''Franklin Wall Solutions approached DJS Research with an exciting proposition that was a perfect fit for our operational service teams.

They clearly have experience in connecting businesses and provided a positive framework with which DJS Research and our new clients can now operate.''

Matt Coulling

Operations Director

DJS Research Limited

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