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Without doubt, one of the quickest ways to blow a marketing budget is to direct your marketing arsenal at poorly targeted data

With prospecting data nowadays, it is all about who and what you know. Whilst we build and cleanse our own data, we have 20 years + experience in honing a small, trusted group of data partners that give our clients access to some very niched data.


Concurrently, Franklin Wall provides powerful data (both B2C and B2B), some recent examples;

  • Business Data with full opt-in contact details (from as little as £0.10 per record)

  • UK Logistics firms with fleets of over 10 vehicles with full contact details (for large law firm wanting to target regarding recent change in driver legislation)

  • 500 geographic specific businesses with insurance renewal dates and full FD contact details (for a regional insurance broker to target 3 months prior to renewal)

  • 2000 firms with UK HQ and active, foreign subsidiaries and full Head of IT contact details (IT support company wanting to target for multi-lingual support contracts)

Let us know what your ideal target data looks like and we'll let you know if it exists, and if so what is available.


Our experience will help save you not only time and money but also any potential costly fall-out from choosing one of the UK's very many poor data suppliers.

''Rather than have my team hunt around for the type of datasets we required, we decided to engage with Franklin Wall Solutions to see what they could do for us. They quickly identified what we needed, pulled together a simple, cost effective quote and we acquired the data to help drive our business. 

Most critically, the data quality was indeed of a high standard, as was the service from their team.''

Katie Franklin

Group Head of Marketing & Communications

Keepmoat Limited

As with all of our Services, we personalise to deliver around your needs. It will NEVER be you/your team, needing to bend around how we operate.

To get a quote from us click the button below. We don't bite...we're actually very nice!

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