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Sales Support Services

Expert sales support services

We support your business by driving new sales enquiries, building lead generation processes and helping you covert more.

"Franklin Wall approached DJS Research with an exciting proposition that was a perfect fit for

our operational service teams. 

They clearly have experience in connecting businesses and provided a positive framework with which DJS Research and our new clients benefit enormously."

Matthew Coulling

Operations Director

DJS Research

Some clients operate with us on a quick, tactical basis, for example for a one-off purchase of prospect data, some sales training, to recruit the right appointment setter, whilst others require us to partner with them, effectively as their 'virtual' sales department on a month by month basis, supporting their new business generation activities and building their sales pipelines.

Our Sales Services include (click below to learn more):

With such a breadth and depth of experience within our team, you can be sure that working with Franklin Wall means we have the skills and the resource to significantly enhance your new business generation.

You'll have a single point of contact with one of the Partners, who will be best suited to your industry and requirements, whether you need us as a one-off or ongoing.


We specialise in getting our clients noticed, with the right content in the right places, supporting this with lead generation activity and driving sales opportunities into their businesses.

At Franklin Wall we pride ourselves on being value for money. We aren't about trying to trap clients into long-term contracts with little return, quite the opposite. We are in a privileged position, in that providing an excellent service, results in an increase in sales for our client....and naturally, they want to maintain that.

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