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There are two distinct, powerful approaches to online and social media communication: Thought Leader and Interest Provoker: Both take hard work

The perennial issue regarding the effectiveness of many teams that drive company's social media and online activity, is that they aren't sales people.


We are.

The updates, discussions, posts etc that companies ​send out, need a strategy that sits behind them. Naturally that strategy should be evolved from the overall Business Strategy.


Having a post 'Liked' 90 times might feel great but it's what happens next, if anything in most cases, that determines whether it was even worth posting in the first place.

Social Media and certain online areas such as relevant forums allow brands to engage to a wider audience and to do so in a slightly less 'corporate' manner. The benefits are such that a warmer more engaging approach can be adopted but engagement with the prospect must always point towards a goal.


Of course ideally the goal would be for the prospect to purchase the product or service...but that's almost certainly not going to happen.


At the very least, the goal should always be to drive empathy via relevant, well-timed communications with each segment of potential customers, that will interact again in the near future as further posts are published.

People (including buyers!) don't suddenly forget that they need solutions to problems they have when they are using social media.


Successful social media management is not about lots of followers and lots of 'Likes'. It's aiming for engagement and genuine interaction, which starts through communicating targeted and useful messages, for a relevant follower base, looking to gain enough information about your company over time, to be compelled to engage with you through a more formal channel.


THAT is our goal that we achieve for our clients:

"Franklin Wall have become an invaluable and integral partner to us in both the creation and management of our social media comms.


In addition to the time and resource saving to our business, we are also gaining a flow of prospects to support our business growth, from the activity. Very happy!"

Katie Wall

Managing Director

As with all of our Services, we personalise to deliver around your needs. It will NEVER be you/your team, needing to bend around how we operate.

To get a quote from us click the button below. We don't bite...we're actually very nice!

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