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Professional Celebrant Websites

Your personalised, professional, search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website. Ready in 1 - 2 weeks.

All content & images added, logo created, SEO done, easy-to-edit, fully-hosted. ONE AMAZING OFFER

This is an example of a recent website which we created for Brian Bull, funeral celebrant who approached us in the Summer of 2020.


It's already paid for itself many times over, with the increase in new direct clients and funeral directors that have since found his services.

Jonathan Wall

Managing Director

Franklin Wall Solutions Limited

If you want to check out this funeral celebrant website we built just click HERE


Brian Bull's testimonial (

'I am absolutely delighted with my choice of using Franklin Wall Solutions. I have been working with a number of funeral directors for a while now, as well as generating lots of positive word of mouth but I felt that it was time to expand my client base, by getting a quality website.


The new site is attracting lots of people, funeral directors and clients that wouldn’t have been able to find me before and business has picked up accordingly. I’d highly recommend Franklin Wall Solutions for anybody considering getting a new, highly-effective website.


What is the offer?

Until the end of October 2020, Franklin Wall Solutions are offering an incredible package for you to not only get up and running with a world-class website which perfectly and empathetically presents your services but you also get LOTS of other benefits too: 

Beautiful, image-rich, professional celebrant desktop website

Beautiful, image-rich, professional celebrant mobile website

Full local SEO report undertaken (& shared) to help optimise the wording within the website and get found more easily - worth £175.00 + vat

ALL content curated (if required), added and edited (as requested) - worth £250.00 + vat

FREE professional logo, if required - worth circa £395.00 + vat

One-off fee of £495 + vat

for ALL this!

FREE Domain Name for 12 months (e.g. - worth circa £48.00 - or we simply connect your existing domain

FREE web hosting for 12 months - worth £180.00 + vat

FREE Website Analytics Reporting built in to monitor details and volumes of website visitors - worth £80.00 + vat

Simple-to-use, back-end editing suite so you can make changes or add anything with a click of a button

EVERYTHING above is included in the one-off fee of £495.00 + vat

PLEASE NOTE: After 12 months of owning your new website, your domain host (i.e. GoDaddy) will charge circa. £4.00 + vat per month thereafter so that you can keep using your domain and also your website will need to continue to be hosted somewhere (Franklin Wall remember, hosts the new website for FREE  for the first 12 months). Franklin Wall can continue to host the site for you, after 12 months has elapsed, for £15.00 + vat per month OR you can choose to host the website elsewhere. We will remind and help you with this process closer to the time, it's all very simple.

INCLUDES OVER £1100.00 WORTH OF FREE BONUSES by ordering your new website before the end of October 2020

How does it work?

Timeline for your new website 3.png

Why are we doing this offer?

With the COVID-19 lockdown biting into finances of most UK companies, together with staff being furloughed, unfortunately, we have not found ourselves immune to these problems at Franklin Wall.


So we decided to get innovative.


We have now brought most of our staff back off furlough and are focusing our business development support, on those sectors that can most benefit right now - hence this offer we have built for professional celebrants, just like you.

The entire ethos of company is to deliver the highest quality business development solutions, that add great value to our clients. Right now, we can't think of a more appropriate sector, than the Professional Celebrant sector, within which we can deliver these aims, at such trying times.

Why you need a professional website

Professional funeral celebrants all over the UK, are starting to see the enormous benefits that a professional, empathetic and supportive website brings to both them and their clients.

Of course, for a long time now, many funeral celebrants have simply operated by word-of-mouth and have run their business successfully relying on that.


However, as client behaviours move ever more in line with the digital times we all live in and as the next generation of people become those becoming increasingly relied on to arrange funerals for their loved ones, representing your services online, becomes less of a 'nice to have' and much more of a necessity, assuming you have both the time and desire to increase the number of clients you work with each week/month, of course.

Through our own research at Franklin Wall Solutions when analysing the main search terms that are typed into Google in the UK each month, we can confidently say that any funeral celebrant NOT operating a professional website for their services is 100% missing out on new clients, given the sheer volume of people and funeral directors searching for funeral celebrants locally, every single month.


Those searches are currently by-passing you and finding those funeral celebrants who do have a quality, professional website, every time. Let's put that right.

''With Franklin Wall you'll enjoy, the most cost effective way of getting a new, professional and personalised 

website, promoting your professional celebrant services, that is available in the UK today''

Jonathan Wall

Managing Director  

Franklin Wall Solutions Limited

NFB logo NEW.png

UK Marketing Partner for the National Federation of Builders

Acquisition international logo.jpg

Digital Marketing Agency of the Year (2020) - Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards

Finally....Our Guarantee to you

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ''Since we started Franklin Wall Solutions back in 2014, this has never happened and we hope it never will, as it would mean we failed a client and i'll move heaven and earth to make sure that never happens! However, Franklin Wall Solutions will provide a 100% refund, no quibble, guarantee, should you communicate to us in writing that you are NOT entirely satisfied and happy with the funeral celebrant website which we built for you, before it goes live''.


Jonathan Wall, Managing Director, Franklin Wall Solutions Limited 

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